About Us

Dogs have always been presenting at our home. They are our best friends but also a passion, which we decided to share with others by creating the kennel.

We have an extensive knowledge about hunting dogs – especially German Pointers, because the kennel is in the hands of International Judge of working trials for hunting dogs. He (the judge) is also an active member of Polish Hunting Association (PZŁ) and Polish Kennel Club (ZkwP).

Our kennel is not commercial, because we believe that only happy dogs give  a happy offspring.

Mothers of our puppies are free of dysplasia and other genetic defects. They are regularly vaccinated.

Puppies, from the beginning are surrounded by our care and love, live at the house with a garden and have constant contact with the people. These conditions provide them proper physical and mental development.


The choice of a stud dog for our females is based not only on the exterior and high notes (although all these things are undoubtedly important) but also on the demonstrated hunting passion, character and genetic health. Passion for hunting is very important for us, because our dogs are active in this discipline.  

For all puppies which are going to their new homes, we provided the  Polish Kennel Club/ FCI pedigree (metrics) entitlement to participate in exhibitions and other competitions, tattoos or chips, age -appropriate vaccination and deworming and equipment for puppies from Planet Pet company.

Our aim is to show you how much happiness can give you dog friend.